New Technology

Mori DMC65 Five Axis Machining

  • 5-axis machining requires less fixturing

  • Very high hole to hole tolerance

  • Tool change speeds 4-7 seconds chip to chip
  • Automated pallet changing systems provide flexibility and speed
  • Variety of materials processed, both metal and nonmetal

5-Axis Machine

5-Axis Machine Set-up


FabriVision Laser Scanner - Quality Improvement 

  • Reduce the cost of projects by creating a more consistent and reliable inspection process.
    • Eliminates costly human errors
    • Reduces First Article Inspection time up to 96%
  • FabriVISION Laser samples thousands of points for a true 100% inspection of all part features. Automatically compares first article inspection results to the original CAD drawings, using predefined tolerance settings to show the deviation of a scan compared to a validated CAD file

Laser Scanner


Hager 824 Window Touch 4

    • Maximize pem insertion and reduce material handling   
    • Interchangeable tooling with a tool detection system
      • Improves quality assurance with a feature that checks fastener length and presence       

      Window Touch Pem Machine


      Universal Robot - UR10

        • Capable of automating machine load/unload, assembly, packaging and material handling    
        • Robotic applications keep operators safe, improve part quality and increase productivity
        • Specs:
          • Repeatable to +/- .0039"
          • Max payload = 22 lbs.
          • Reach radius up to 51.2"
          • Robotic end effectors built in-house                                    

        Universal Robot

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